Our business started in the 70s when Roberto Cavalli, still a boy, began to invent and design the first machines for the processing of dry-cured ham.

Among the various studies and prototypes, the dream turned into the production of complete and automatic lines for processing ham, starting from fresh ham up to the cured product.

Cutting-edge Technology

Experience and technical excellence are our keywords thanks to which we have been able to win the trust of our customers, creating a wide range of machines and systems for processing fresh and deli meats.

This experience in the field led to our activities involving design, sales, services dedicated to salami factories up until our expansion into the field of packaging for deli meats and other food products. Our goal is to cover all the needs of each client, from the small traditional company to industrial production, offering a full range of machines and equipment for the production of all types of deli meats.

We operate with great flexibility in both the domestic and international market and we are able to provide targeted advice to those interested in starting or improving their production. Our ongoing commitment to finding innovation and cutting-edge technology on the market allows us to offer modern systems and machines, while maintaining the traditional taste of deli meats.

national and international market

Thanks to our expertise in the deli meats sector, we guarantee a valuable consulting service to companies both in the design phase and for the restoration of systems as well as the supply of systems, ranging from simple equipment to robotic packaging.

The role and competence of our CEO, Roberto Cavalli, allows us to have know-how, commitment, innovation; we use these three aspects every day in our business and thus believe we can make a strong contribution to the resolution of problems as well as the development of technology in the food industry.

Today, our company offers a complete series of advanced equipment and machines for processing, slicing, packaging and packing deli meats (dry-cured ham, cooked ham, speck, bacon, air-cured pork, bresaola, salami, various deli meats).

We are also available to design and develop special machines to meet the specific needs of customers.