The movement of the cutting blade, operated by a robotized 4-axis arm, allows to perform a most flexible cut, operated in maximum safety and cleanability.
This machine implements ultrasonic blade technology, applied for cutting of food products.
A titanium blade oscillating at a frequency of 20,000 periods per second allows to perform a cut with the following benefits:

– minimum deformation of the product, because of very low pression exerted by the blade;

– lowest wastes of production;

– minimum adhesion between blade and meat.

This features are conducive to the highest aesthetic quality of cutting, and overall hygienic standard of the processing. The meat enters the machine via a conveyor belt directly on the processing line, where it gets cut and automatically delivered back. Cutting speed, number of slices for round packagings, distance between cuts for square packagings, can all be selected via the operational panel in most-rapid fashion. Customized version of this machine are available on demand.